About Writing 4 All

Writing 4 All is a special network created for all writers (hence the name) by writers. The head staff are Amber, Shay, and Bad Boy Ralphy (BBR). These three people are the owners of this network. Other staff consist of Poppy, Bill (Bummy), Sue, Veeraya, Henry (Moon). Of course, the staff could change at any time but the top staff will remain the same.

You can find the actual site at http://writing4all.ning.com

This site is all about helping writers. We want to put our writers in the public's view to give them exposure! Plus we want to bring helpful advice on writing for new writers (and experienced ones who want to refresh their knowledge), give tips on publishing, editing, marketing, and more! We have a wonderful list of staff members who specialize in their own thing who can help each member. And we're always looking for more staff that can spend the time to help people. We have no age restriction and our site is PG which means everyone is welcome no matter their age!

So if you're a writer, publisher, agent, or just a reader, please come check out our site and see what we can do for you!

Amber, Shay, BBR, and the W4A Staff